Thursday, November 3, 2016

Top 6 Business Trends That Are Influencing Careers

The business field has become very dynamic in the recent past; new trends are emerging which have an impact in on the job market. These trends present challenges and opportunities in an equal measure. Here are some of the top trends.

  1. Distributed work
    Gone are the times when factories used to have large premises and everyone entered through their large gates. In today’s world, workers report in small offices that are interconnected using technology. Each premise does a specialized job in creating a whole product. This opens up opportunities for commuting and working from home. 

  2. Rapid growth in technology 
    The technology is changing so fast that businesses find themselves in a race akin to the arms race. New equipment and software applications are coming out seemingly every single week to make work easier. All professions must keep updating their skills in line with new technologies or risk becoming obsolete. 

  3. Businesses are getting leaner 
    Many companies are moving from producing all the parts that make up their product and service to specializing in the final product while they outsource other services. This is the reason behind the success of Airbnb, Uber as well as many manufacturing and service industries. Some positions are disappearing as companies seek for the cheapest methods producing their products. 

  4. The gig economy is expanding 
    The deeper internet penetration has led to the rise of freelance opportunities in the marketplace. People are offering their skills online and being paid after the gig is done. There are outsourcing companies that are connecting the skilled personnel to the people who need the services. Virtually, anyone can join the gig world and make cash while working from home. 

  5. Contract working is on the rise
    Companies are now turning to hiring contract workers rather than permanent staff. Contract workers are cheaper to maintain. They are also ideal for temporary jobs where high skill is required. Contract workers that do their work well are then likely to get hired for permanent positions. 

  6. Businesses are going across languages 
    Companies have harnessed the use of internet to reach customers overseas. This has opened up opportunities for staff with fluency in host country languages to work in the new offices, call centers and for the delivery of the services. Many more workers have been forced to go back to class to learn a second and third language to fit in the new trend.

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