Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Succeed in 2017

Would you like to drive traffic to your business? Converting mere web browsers to loyal customers requires digital marketing skills. Keeping up with digital marketing trends is imperative as they continue evolving to suit the needs of consumers. Since consumers’ expectations of a memorable shopping experience, delivery, and after-sale services change as time goes on, simply buying online or sticking to one trend (such as online referrals) does not cut it anymore. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must be willing to invest in current digital marketing trends. Here are the top 10 digital marketing trends for 2017 to start you off.

  1. Public Relations
    Using PR as a digital marketing method requires you to get your brand's name on to other websites. Its advantage lies in its low cost of creating brand awareness across digital marketing communication platforms and capitalizing in viral and partnership marketing. However, it does require a lot of input and monitoring to be a successful digital marketing tool.

  2. Social Media
    Social media is a valuable digital marketing trend that is more beneficial when used with a smart plan to convert social media enthusiasts into customers. Therefore, you need to come up with a winning strategy and content that will engage and encourage participation from potential customers so as to market your product or service.

  3. Auto-Responders
    Auto-responder emails are a step further from the usual transactional, welcoming and thanking emails that are more commonly used. The auto-responders, however, expound on a specific topic and are sent as part of a series of intervals between each email. They show your business' know how and the benefits of buying your product. In fact, marketingland.com puts the percentage of businesses sending effective, personalized emails (also known as trigger-based marketing) at 25% hence it is important to get on board and gain the advantage on your competition.

  4. Content Generation
    There is a reason why content is king in digital marketing. Quality content results in higher rankings for your brand's website or blog putting it ahead of its competitors by attracting traffic, subscribers and links.

  5. Re-Targeting
    Ad re-targeting is a great way to build loyal visitors who after visiting and showing interest in your site are reminded of it, after leaving, through a targeted ad and hence become repeat visitors.

  6. Influencer Marketing
    Consumers now look to their favorite celebrities and personalities to influence their decisions regarding products and services. While it is still relatively new, its growth potential in 2016 is increasing due to the possibilities it creates to reach numerous followers with branded content delivered by these social media influencers.

  7. Online Events
    Online events such as webinars, workshops, and demonstrations are a great way to market products by showing how they work in addition to adding extra content for the customers' engagement and to win their participation and trust.

  8. Marketing Automation
    Automation is necessary in order for your site to use its content in lead generation. It also smoothens and eases the management of your online business from content generation to engaging customers.

  9. Mobile Responsiveness
    Mobile traffic now surpasses desktop users and therefore, giving your visitors a mobile responsive user experience will help you tap into this traffic.

  10. Video Ads
    Video advertising, especially on sites such as Facebook, is paramount to reaching a wider consumer base provided your ads are of high quality and compelling in nature.


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