Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How the US Business Community Expects to Benefit From Trump Election

Most US business people knew Donald Trump as one of the most successful people in the world of business. Now he’s risen to the presidency, but this does not rub his business visions. Suggested throughout his entire campaign, he promises to run the US just as he runs his business and make it more successful. The big question is how effective his election will be to US economy and the entire business community. He has done a great in the business world and estimates suggest he is worth between $4.5 billion to $10 billion. Could he be the one to make many business people attain their American dream? Herein are briefs of his strategies to move America to the next stage in the economy spheres.

Free trade
During his campaign, Trump promised Americans that he is going to impose protective policies to close US economic borders by breaking the traditional republication commitment to free trade. He will negotiate with Mexico and Canada for the North American free trade agreement which will significantly boost the current economy. The agreement between America and the two countries will be aimed at deepening their economic ties through promoting trade and slashing tariffs to enhance growth.

Force privileged countries pay for the goods they sell to the US
Trump victory has a vision for the entire US business community. He proposed to have an aggressive tactic of forcing China and other countries pay for the privileges they get from the US. These countries have freedom to sell their goods in the US without tariffs, and this substantially affects US economic growth. He proposes a 45% tax on all the Chinese import to US and 35% of imports from other countries like Mexico.

Enhance job creation in America
Most of US companies move their jobs overseas leaving most of its residents jobless. In his campaign, Trump promised American’s of punishing such businesses that move jobs overseas than basing them locally. This will heighten creation of more jobs in America and an increase in total production. Trump will also decrease regulations placed on energy production and create energy and mining related jobs which have been declining for years.

Lower taxes
The entire US business community expects Trump to lower taxes as he promised in his campaigns, with his primary objective being to focus on boosting growth entirely. He plans to offset the country’s steep tax with a stronger economic growth. He has promised American’s on lowering their corporate tax from 39% to 15%, with the main focus of increase investments from individuals and businesses.

Fiscal policies
The US business community will benefit greatly from the investment of infrastructure and use of federal money on projects as promised by Trump. Through the enhancement of good infrastructure, health care and border security the level of production will increase and so will be the entire economic growth of the country. With the growth, the country will have an overwhelming increase in jobs.

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