Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Build a High-Performing Contact Center Team

This happens in all business areas. New hires start performing their jobs with a lot of genuine excitement and enthusiasm. However, as months go down, the morale goes with it and goals become harder to achieve.

In contact centers, motivation and morale are very important, as it is a touch point where poor service affects overall business performance. Here are a few tips to keeping call center agents motivated and high-performing in the workplace.

Take another look at the organizational mission
The mission should be the greatest driver of motivation for your team. Is your mission clear and inspiring? If not, fine-tune it until it is clear. Communicate the mission to your team and keep reminding them of the same as they work.

Provide the necessary tools for the work
There is nothing as frustrating as being expected to perform when you do not have the right tools with you. When it comes to contact centers, you should integrate your call center software with sources of company information, different communication platforms, and artificial intelligence. Buying a quality, feature-rich call center software, such as a cloud based call center platform from, makes work easy for your team.

Offer opportunities for team members to learn
Communication technologies are always evolving and opening up more possibilities. Customer experience teams should always be on the lookout for better ways of engaging with their customers. This can be provided by a continuous learning environment, which helps the team members improve themselves and the quality of service rendered.

Offer opportunities for growth
All employees love the promotions and better terms that come with them. Ensure that there are opportunities for agents to climb up the career ladder depending on their qualifications. They will work hard in anticipation for promotion in the future.

Encourage teamwork
Contact center agents are always working under pressure. It is important that they learn to work together as a team to deal with the complex problems that are brought up by the clients. This way, they will avoid wasting lots of time looking for solutions on their own and remain in good mental shape throughout the workday.

Encourage regular feedback
The members on the ground know the challenges that impact on their performance. Enable them to open up about them so solutions can be found. Moreover, it enables management to identify areas where it can come in to support the team so that there is great performance at the contact center.

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