Tuesday, November 1, 2016

5 Huge Mistakes Customer Service Reps Can Make

A contact center is the place customers call for solutions for the problems they face using company products. Taking these calls is the largest task in working at a call center and, so far, this is not likely to change even with advancement in communication technology. Some agents make these huge mistakes when in conversation with the clients that irks the customers. While they may seem obvious, they do happen. Make sure that your contact center avoids these things.

Calling the customer by the wrong name
Imagine you are calling a contact center and the agent on the other hand repeatedly calls you Alice instead of Grace. It is extremely annoying and shows inattentiveness; some customers will even abandon the call. Agents should get the names right and request the customers to repeat the names if they were not clear.

Going on hold on the wrong time
You should not waste the customers time when in a conversation. The worst thing that agents can do is to put the customer on hold in the middle of a conversation so that they can look for more information regarding the query. If the problem is not that urgent, the customer is likely to abandon the call.

Failing to mute a call
Some customers are very difficult and will give the agents a hard time. It is okay to feel upset with a client. However, it is not an excuse to make the customer hear what you are saying about them when you don’t mute the phone’s microphone. Agents should never vent out about any customer while at work lest your boss or, even worse, the customer hears you.

Customers call a contact center because they are unable to deal with the problems by themselves. If a customer is setting up something like a printer or a desktop PC and asks for help, the last thing he should be told is that he could have used the user’s manual to solve the problem. That is offensive to the client and leaves a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to your company.

Selling instead of assisting
The contact center agents are there to help customers but should not become salespeople on giving the solutions. Part of the job description is probably to upsell the company products. However, that should be done when the time is ripe. If all the customer needs is a quick fix to a problem he or she is facing, you do not have to start selling other products, especially on a charged call.

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