Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Generate Leads on Facebook

Companies can attract and retain customers using Facebook. However, there is something amiss when it comes to using the networking for business to business marketing. There is little B2B activity going on in Facebook as it is naturally fit morseo for consumer business. For B2B marketers looking for sound openings, they have to be very creative and hardworking. Even when you are selling to a business, you still have to engage the actual individuals that will decide whether to buy the goods or not. The good thing is that Facebook subscribers are very active and in great numbers.

Here are few guidelines to attracting B2B buyers using Facebook:

Start by getting the “like”
It is important the potential clients “like” your business’s Facebook page before the engagement process starts. The likelihood of the fans returning to your Facebook page is around 1%. However, they will instead engage with you through the content posted on their news feeds.

Integrate the likes with leads
Create bait from which you will get lead information. For example, you may give out a free eBook in exchange for the recipients’ contact information to add to your lead list. It is important that you post information that is relevant to create an authority in your discipline, and to attract customers who are already interested in the topic your business pertains to. Ensure that there are calls for action and links to your site from the posted information. This is a good avenue to net qualified leads to your site.

Create contests
Contests are a great way to attract fans to your page. However, you must have chosen the right type of prize. The right kind of a gift attracts the right kind of fans to the page and giving the B2B firm more mileage. Conduct promotions as directed by Facebook and utilize the contact information received from entrances on your lead list.

Play with the algorithm
Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine the content that appears in the newsfeed. It buries away the boring content and increases visibility of good content. Ensure that you post creative and personal updates. Content should also be compelling, relevant and charming. Here are a few tips:

  • Ask open ended questions without a “Yes” or “No” answer
  • Mix great content with sales messages
  • Post at different times of the day
  • Limit the volume of posts per day

Integrate Facebook with other efforts
It is good to have Facebook sharing option in other pages that you meet clients. The sharing icon could be on your business's blog, your landing page, and also on any emails that you send to your clients.

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