Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Reasons To Use Cloud Based Software

IT services are an important aspect of just about any personal and organizational requirements and functions today. Most people and organizations however, do not favor cloud-based services for software functions. Instead, you will find selective use of cloud resources, such as cloud storage. Cloud based software however, provides great benefits that could come in handy especially for organizational needs.

Greater savings
In-house IT infrastructure and resources are many and costly. With cloud based software, you get to save on the infrastructural costs, the operational costs, the resource management costs, the space and utility costs, and the maintenance costs. All you do is pay a specific fee to the cloud service provider and generally, that is just a little fraction of the bill you would have to foot on the alternative.

Faster setup
With cloud based software, since we have already established that you do not require most of the infrastructure, you are left with very few things to move around. You can establish your setup virtually anywhere and in an extremely short time on comparison. Oftentimes, cloud based software requires only a login and you are set to go on the platform. For example, the cloud based call center Call Tools has their software already set up in the cloud; you need only to log in from any Internet-connected device and you are ready to make calls, receive calls, or access your CRM. You generally cut back on resource gathering time, infrastructure purchase, delivery and setup time and so much more by using cloud based software.

Less inconvenience
Without cloud based software you are exposed to inconvenient situations more often than is necessary. For instance, you have to deal with things like power outages, infrastructure logistics, maintenance periods and frequency and so much more. With cloud based software however, all the responsibilities are served up to someone else, one who is usually more equipped and experienced in dealing with these issues. With multiple server access points for instance, you get to work at your own convenience even while the cloud service provider deals with issues like power outages or maintenance.

Easier data access and consolidation
If everyone in the organization is using the same software, it means that the results of each computation are more accessible to everyone at the same time. In an in-house setup, one would have to complete the processing of the information before passing it over to the next interested party. This is a great inconvenience, most especially when you are talking about different locations between the parties. With cloud based software, you get faster and more convenient access to data, which eases its consolidation and implementation back and forth between individuals.

Less risk
Cloud based software is better managed and protected, giving you less risk of compromise. For instance, you can expect higher level security features than you would have provided as well as less risk of data loss and such other problems.

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