Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

Blogging is not as easy as is the assumption. If you have little idea about how to go about it, you often find yourself at a great disadvantage that leaves you open to make fatal mistakes. These mistakes affect not just the quality of your work, but also the progress of your blogging career. So what are some of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make?

Rushing in for the money
Blogging may be listed as one of the easiest ways to earn cash but it is not as fast as most bloggers expect. Most bloggers make the mistake of getting into it just for the money an expecting that the cash flow will be plentiful and immediate. Before you can make any gains worth noting as a blogger, you have to take time to establish an audience, and that can only be done by being passionate about it and exercising patience.

Lack of niche specificity
Many bloggers tend to pick on broad niche categories as their topics of focus. This is a mistake especially since it does not offer the audience what they require from you, which is specificity. At any given time, a person in the audience looks for information that not only helps directly, but also that is relatable. If for instance you decide to blog about marketing, then you make your blog ambiguous and vague at best. Instead, you could focus on internet marketing which focuses your content on a specific audience.

Poor quality standards
As a blogger, you have to understand that the quality of the content you provide is always under scrutiny. Favoring quantity over quality is one of the greatest mistakes that you could ever make. As a reader, I expect that the information provided is specific, well researched and well conveyed. It is better to have a great 200-word blog post with well-researched and precise material, rather than a 400-word blog post full of speculative and opinionated content.

Focusing on yourself at the expense of the audience
Blogging is not meant to propel you to fame. That is just an added bonus. Bloggers who write for themselves and not the audience, are short sighted. That means that your blog, which is the brand that you should focus on, has information that does not relate to the audience and eventually, lacks readership.

Expecting your blog to market itself
It is a huge mistake for any blogger to expect that the blog will get to the audience without their direct input. Sure, that is the goal eventually, but you always have to provide the support. Share your links on social media and websites and promote your own blog.

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