Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When You Know You Need to Change Careers

Sure, your job might be the envy of your friends and colleagues. Sure, you might be raking in a six figure salary. However, here is what becomes apparent as you progress down your career lane: you can't magic up your best career path in an instant. Rather, it’s an ongoing process involving many sets of trials and errors. It won't be surprising if your best career learning moments are what others might sum up as “errors.” If you don’t wake up excited about the day ahead, if you aren’t thrilled with your job anymore, or feel that your job has no intrinsic worth, then you don’t need a jab from a career coach to know it’s time for a career change. You may not be entirely confident that such a move will work for you in the long haul, but here are three surefire indicators that a career change is imminent.

You Are Always Depleted, Bored, and Exhausted
Every job has its highs and lows. If you don’t love what you do, however, things can get a little hectic, if not downright disparaging. Believe or not, doldrums at work can certainly take a toll on your body leaving you depleted, overwhelmed, and exhausted. That right there is, singly, the reason to start up again on the job search. As depletion and exhaustion usurp all your energy and spirit, you might find yourself experiencing bouts of depression and anxiety.

Here, a career change might not be the only solution. The cause could be an overly demanding boss, an annoying coworker, or even an environmental factor. A career coach would tell you to do a little research to zero in on these negative elements. With that knowledge, you can extrapolate a work theme or routine that actually cajoles to your innermost and basest feelings. This way, you can eliminate work aspects that bring about exhaustion and depletion. Otherwise, a career change is your best shot.

If Your Work Is Merely a Means to Bring Home a Paycheck
Here’s the thing: if your job is strictly a means to put food on the table, something is certainly amiss. The problem is that many people endure so much in the name of earning a little green. Work stagnation and bouts of depression will eventually catch up with you. Before that happens, wear your sleuthing hat and try out a little job search to see if there’s anything available that piques. You will be glad you did.

Your Work Responsibilities Doesn’t Fit You at All
With time, most of us learn to like our dislikes. Sure, you can do a fantastic job presenting those quarterly reports to your bosses, but, if that eats you up from the inside out, you need to change your career. You can’t live only on the excitement a project presentation provides; you should hopefully be leaving each day fulfilled by the progress you made in the office. While not every single day can provide ecstatic excitement, there should hopefully be some semblance of accomplishment when you leave in the afternoons.


These are just but a few sure signs that you need to look for a different job. Some of us even live only for the weekend. If you are riding on this bandwagon, it’s high time you spruce up your resume and ready yourself for a career change.

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