Monday, August 8, 2016

Should Your Business Square Off With Instagram?

When it comes to business and marketing strategies it is all about catering to your unique target audience. Many business owners often wonder which avenues of social media they should partake in and which should be allowed to fall to the wayside, and Instagram could be placed at the top of either of these lists.

Instagram is best known for sharing pictures with captions, but recently added a feature which allows users to share small video clips and pictures in a story that disappears after 24 hours. Here are a few questions to work through when deciding if your business should be on Instagram and if or when it might be helpful to you: 

1. Are your competitors utilizing Instagram?
If your competitors are utilizing Instagram then it would absolutely be a great idea for you to use it, too! Pictures are the most verbal tools we have, which is ironic because, though silent, they speak for themselves. Instagram is a tool to put images in the mind of your audience about who you are and what you have to offer. If your competitors are successfully embedding images in the hearts of YOUR audience, then you need to get on Instagram to give you an extra edge.

2. Is your target audience utilizing Instagram? 
If your audience is not interested in Instagram, either because it is not currently important to their generation or for any other reason, then it really does not make much sense to invest a whole lot of effort into using it. A great way to find out if your audience is utilizing Instagram is to ask them! Put a poll or questionnaire out, even if you have to mail it, and figure out where your audience is at so that you can meet them there. Include a question like: “Assign a number the following Social Media Platforms in the order of how often you use them.” This way, if they are not on Instagram, you can find out which ones they are on! 

3. Do you have the means to use Instagram well? 
Do you have someone on your team who is committed to posting regularly for your business? Instagram works best when it is used consistently. Once you gain a following, you want them to anticipate regular posts from you because it means they are constantly thinking about your product or service and extremely raises the chances that they will give you their business. If you do not have someone in place to make regular posts, you may want to consider bringing someone on board solely to handle the social media aspect of your business. It truly is becoming that important in this day and age. 

4. Are you already successfully using too many other social media platforms?
If you already have too many platforms in play, then your Instagram account may get lost in the noise. However, if you are not currently using any social media then Instagram may be a great place to start. Why? Well, we believe it is because pictures stand out in someone's mind more than words ever could, and likely will help your audience to better remember you. 

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