Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How Discors Will Bring Us News in a New Way

The News scenery is generally difficult and intricate and there are always two sides of the story. The launch of Discors which is a new iOS app will help bring news to people in a new way. Discors enables you to receive all the information and substantiations in a single app thus allowing you to catch up quickly. With the help this app, you are able to go much deeper with expert analysis in a summarized version of about 140 words.

Get Your News in a New Approach
The difference with Discors is that you get news but you also get columns and analysis side by side with the news. You get photos and a timeline all in one stream and the app goes beyond just the assembling of information. You are given insights from reporters and leading publications and you are also provided with expert information and commentary from numerous perspectives. This enables you to gain fresh ideas and you are able to make sense from the information that you receive. The timelines are important because they help you to get background information from the news that you receive. You also get very refreshing and entertaining graphics, photos and videos that help you have a better comprehension of the news that you receive.

Get the Facts Effectively through the New App
This app provides readers with the facts in a very effective approach. This approach enables readers to understand the background behind the information they are receiving through highly respected commentaries and analysis from the best news sources. The idea is to provide people with news and expert commentary and analysis so that they are able to make up their own minds. The stories are not original but are materials that are gathered from major news networks such as The Associated Press, Tribune News Service, and The Washington Post. Some articles are also derived from publications by the Creative Commons license. The app can be accessed as an iPhone app and also as a responsive website with plans for later release as an iPad app.

Discors is Changing How People Stay Informed
Discors is definitely changing how people stay informed by providing them with information on what matters on the go. You are able to go through a variety of sources and get a balanced perspective on information. You also get differing levels of depths that continue to broaden your perspective. The news app basically puts things in context for you and offers you the change to glance at news while being able to burrow deeper to examine the story.

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