Saturday, May 28, 2016

How a Predictive Dialer Changes the Way You and Your Team Do Business

The cloud based call center platform,, automates, organizes, and manages your outbound dialing campaigns and resources, so you can build productivity, improve efficiency, and increase call volume. The predictive dialer delivers call management, list control, workflow management, and an integrated database.

Our call management and predictive dialer solution offers complete local or remote monitoring and reporting, and supervision controls to help you manage your operations more effectively.' outbound dialing solutions will let you improve the productivity and efficiency of your outbound contacts. Our outbound calling system can be integrated with automated messaging, IVR skills-based routing, and other features to give even greater functionality for your own call center. Clients can be assured that we here at can meet the challenging needs of your customer contact programs, whether your main need is for growth, integration, or compliance.


- Renowned - Full-featured, cost-effective, award-winning system for automated dialing.

- Configurable Pacing Algorithm - Select from up to 8 pacing methods and assign by campaign.

- Multiple Dialing Modes - Predictive, preview, dial now, and messaging modes are available.

- Area Code Management - Automatically begins and ends calling in line with the time of day.

- Do Not Call List - Applied to individual or multiple outbound campaigns for compliance.

- Disconnect, Busy, No Answer, and Answering Machine Screening - Filters uncompleted calls and removes them from the agent queue so that your agents spend more time talking to live people.

- Speed of Call Transfer - Speed of delivering the call to an agent or procedures such as leaving a recorded message may be the fastest in the industry.

- CTI Screen Pops - Push customer information to the agent desktop for reduced call handle times

- Reporting - Provides standard and custom reporting by agents, calls, and campaigns to be utilized in center management and compliance reporting.

- Call-Back Scheduling and Appointment Setting - Agents can schedule agent-specific or general call-backs or manage appointment setting.

- List & Campaign Management - Load, filter, and assign lists and campaigns beforehand so that new programs or lists may start dialing automatically, without supervisor intervention.

- Expanded Features for Call Management - Conference and internal calls, external transfers, PBX integration for call blending, remote agents and more.

- A Total Solution - Noble offers the ability to add-on even more functionality with digital recording, speech analytics, IVR, workforce management, payment processing, and more, for a whole customer communication platform.


- Increased Efficiency - The Dialer filters out unproductive calls, including: busy signals, unanswered calls, fax modems and machines, disconnected numbers, answering machines, and operator intercepts, which waste valuable agent time.

- Reduced Idle Time - Significant reduction of unproductive agent time as talk contact and times rates increase.

- More Productive Contacts - Reach more right-party increase and contacts first-call resolutions
- Improved List Penetration - Reach more contacts with automated messaging choices for answering machines.

- Improved Customer Experience - Screen pops allow agents to view critical customer data throughout the customer contact, without asking callers to repeat information or taking call time to search for records

- Better Quality & Accuracy - Monitor agent interactions for quality control, eliminate manual dialing errors with automated dialing, ensure data completeness with data entry verification, and improve service level agreement compliance.

- Outbound Call Regulation Compliance - Noble is fully compliant with current regulations and rules, including DNC lists, abandoned calls, calling hours/holiday, and even more, to meet guidelines set by the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Direct Marketing Association, OfCom, the Telephone Preference Service and others.

- Customized Solutions to Suit Your Needs - The Solution is configured in order to meet the unique daily requirements of your business, with options for single and multiple sites, remote agents, distributed architectures, and traditional and VoIP/web-based environments- See more at: - cloud based predictive dialer.

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