Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What are you passionate about?

How many times have you been asked by a coworker about what you’re really passionate about? The assumption is that even though you spend 8 hours of your day at your job 5 days a week that your job isn’t actually what you’re passionate about.

Once in an interview, I was asked that very question, it caught me off guard, but I sat there and thought before I answered.

“I’m passionate about whatever it is that I’m doing because that’s what I’m applying my time to and I try to use my time thoughtfully.”

This statement isn’t some forced attempt at optimism, it’s meant more to try and get you to readjust your perspective. Push yourself a little more and more every single day to try and be present within your daily routine.

Finding importance in even the little things you do on a daily basis helps to make every single day feel a little less meaningless. When you start constantly start diminishing the importance of your small everyday achievements it gets easier and easier to fall into an unproductive pit of despair.

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