Wednesday, February 17, 2016

3 Quick and Simple Tips for Expanding Your Customer Base and Reaching New Customers

Did you know that according to recent studies the average consumer searches for 97% of local businesses online and that 74% of consumers rely on social media to tip the scale when it comes to their purchasing decisions?

Here are 3 simple tips for reaching out to your customers more effectively and for reaching new customers:

1. Identify Your Demographic 
Before you start attempting to advertise and start spending your hard earned marketing money you should first try to get a feel for who your customer base is. Ask yourself the following questions:

- Which websites do they frequent?
- Which kind of social media platforms are they on?
- What age range do the majority of your customers fall into?
- Are they tech-savvy?

Questions like this give you an idea of where to direct your efforts; if your customers consist of professionals then you’ll most likely opt for LinkedIn versus Facebook, for instance. There’s very little sense in putting up ads where they won’t be seen.

2. The Basics 
Knowing your demographic lets you know what kind of outreach methods you use.

- Get a website up and running. When your customers type in your company name they feel more at ease after seeing a real domain with information! Branding is a word that you’ll hear very often while trying to create your company's unique identity, and it’s a very real need; your customers want to be able to easily identify your company.

- Go to conventions and start building your network. This doesn’t mean giving away all of your trade secrets, but rather meeting other people who may work in similar field that can offer services that build upon and compliment yours. If they’re happy with your service and products your customers will most likely listen your recommendations, and that is a two way street. Dont underestimate the value of good word of mouth.

3. Keep Your Customers Engaged 
- If you open a social media account make sure that you use it! Constantly keep these accounts updated with the latest and greatest in your world. Few things are more discouraging to customers than a barren social media profile.

- Reach out to other social media bloggers in your field and work on creating features or ad spots; expand your customer base by using theirs.

- Take advantage of bulk SMS features that cloud based companies provide to send text promotions straight to your customers. Statistics have shown that SMS campaigns are more effective than traditional email campaigns that of straight to a spam folder the majority of the time.

Keep the information you send relevant and keep it sparse. The last thing you want to do is bombard your customers; being aggressive doesn’t always translate into more sales or positive attention.

- Start raffles or other free giveaways. This is a good way to collect information in a non-invasive way.

You would be incredibly hard pressed to try and deny the very real changes that have occurred in the way people do business since the social media boom. If you want your company to establish a solid foothold understanding the importance of a social media presence is crucial, these are just some small ideas.

Please feel free to share your ideas or your company’s method with me in the comment section!


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