Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Most of USA's Fortune 500 Corporations are Using Call Centers and Virtual Assistants

It is no secret that most of our work goes through digitalized means nowadays. Sometimes, the entirety of a job is conducted online as the worldwide usage of the internet has made it possible for people to interact and exchange information in real time from all over the world, eliminating the waiting time of phone calls, appointments, travel distance and such.

Many websites like freelancer.com, and even fiverr.com offer this kind of service, connecting with thousands of freelancers and professionals all over the world, often subcontracting to major companies and specializing in assisting business with tasks like technical support, customer calls, email responses and such. Freelance work usually entails performing tasks more or less occasionally, for one or multiple employers; which is possible thanks to the factual condition of a freelancer, which is considered an outside help rather than an actual employee.

Most of the time, the entire process starts and ends without any face-to-face contact, as each assistant works directly from home with set instructions, whether they are interacting with the client or the employer makes no difference. As impersonal as this seems, it’s a very convenient maneuver to not only save time, but also limit costs on both ends. Hiring a virtual assistant to perform a task that cannot or would not be done locally a system called outsourcing is a very practical solution that allows a company to find specific resources from virtually anywhere only when needed, thus reducing the need to hire and train professionals in place. While saving time and effort, this also allows the company to save money in comparison to what would hiring specialized staff cost; but it remains advantageous for the outsource employee as well, as they would be working directly from home with greater flexibility in terms of time and management than what a live job would require.

The success and practicality of this kind of solution is proven by the fact that most of USA’s Fortune 500 Corporations, the top 500 companies listed by the Fortune magazine based on revenue, actively include Virtual Assistants and Call Centers into their management structure. It’s not really surprising, come to think of it, seeing as it would be obvious that a top-notch company, faced with a problem of any kind, would want a fresh, advanced and top-notch solution; and if that’s not within reach it would be imperative to look outside for the best there is.

 So, even though the idea of working without seeing each others face takes some getting used to, it’s actually a very good way not only for employers to have advantageous services, but also for young workers and freelancers to gain experience, visibility and earn money in a flexible and relatively free way.

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