Friday, January 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS - The NEW Cloud Based Automated Call Center Specializing in Predictive Dialing and the Lowest Prices for Your Agent Seats!

I have just signed up for a free trial of 50 seats with this cloud based predictive dialing solution company. Their new, and innovative software is like nothing I have ever seen before, with more options than all of it's competitors....It has made my current workforce of only 5 sales guys, into a force that can match the big boys with 500 or more agents.

This is the software of the future. If you have a call center, and you want your current sales team 1000% more productive, I suggest you give these guys a shot..... Here is their video they played at a conference I had with them.... This is the future of call centers, predictive dialing, and voice broadcasting. There is no competition, enough said.

Call tools - Cloud Based Predictive Dialing, and Voice Broadcasting
Here is their Facebook page: 

They have just now launched it's official, and it's time for all industries that make sales from their call centers to dramatically increase their income, and productivity. 


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